Journal für International und Interkulturell Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft


24. Volume, 1/2018

Leistungen und Grenzen internationaler und vergleichender Forschung – ‚Regulative Ideen‘ für die methodologische Reflexion?

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Sarah Lange Marcelo Parreira do Amaral


The contribution discusses Immanuel Kant’s concept of ‘regulative principles’ and asks whether orienting principles may be devised that serve as orienting ideas for research practice and promote the theoretically and methodologically reflective use of comparison in education research. ‘Regulative ideas’ as orienting principles for the research process are formulated along three perspectives – social-theoretical, epistemological, and power-theoretical. Core aspects which are posited as prerequisite for a high-quality research process are discussed exemplarily. The paper closes with some summary remarks and an outlook on emerging developments in the field of international and comparative education.

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