Florian Waldow

Coda: Hat sich die Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft zu Tode gesiegt? Wozu brauchen wir sie noch?

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Nowadays, the method of comparison is widely used in educational studies as a whole. It no longer is the preserve of ‘Comparative Education’ in a narrow sense, which threatens the latter’s disciplinary identity. The paper argues that the fact that comparison has become so popular in the discipline of educational studies as a whole has made the role of Comparative Education as a sub-discipline even more important, dealing as it does with comparative methods and theory. Also, Comparative Education has developed and expanded in the direction of International Education, thereby encompassing a field of research that is becoming increasingly important in today’s world which is characterised by increasing interdependence. Comparative educationalists should welcome the fact that the discipline as a whole is shedding its national blinkers and embrace this development as a chance to renew and raise the level of methodological and theoretical reflection in Comparative and International Education.