Götz Rohwer

Remarks on a test procedure for long-term learning progress

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The paper discusses a test procedure for the assessment of long-term learning progress proposed by Strathmann and Klauer (2010). The procedure is based on the assumption that one can define sets of equivalent tasks. For interpreting the procedure, the paper distinguishes a deterministic, a probabilistic, and a generic conception of competencies. It is shown that the generic conception allows one to justify the view that, in order to asses changes of competencies, “the same test” can be repeated.

Measuring the development of learning; Criterion referenced tests; Person-oriented procedures; Item-sampling

APA citation
Rohwer G. (2015). Bemerkungen zu einem Testverfahren für Lernfortschritte. Journal for Educational Research Online (JERO), 7(2), 147-156. https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART102838