Nils BerkemeyerHanna JärvinenStefanie van Ophuysen

Knowledge Conversion in School Networks

A Content-Analytical Reconstruction of Learning Processes


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The article refers to the framework model of Berkemeyer, Manitius, and Müthing (2008a) that was developed to explain and analyze functions of innovative networking processes. The present study deals in particular with learning processes in school networks. These processes were reconstructed by analyzing interview data in the project “Schulen im Team” on the basis of Nonaka’s (1994) spiral of knowledge creation using the method of content analysis. Thus, the study addresses the deficits with regard to examining networks from a learning theory perspective and makes a contribution to a better understanding of innovation networks in educational contexts. The findings indicate a spiral development of knowledge and, at the same time, reveal different dynamics in the analyzed networks.

innovation, learning, networks, school improvement

APA citation
Berkemeyer, N., Järvinen, H. & van Ophuysen S. (2010). Knowledge Conversion in School Networks: A Content-Analytical Reconstruction of Learning Processes. Journal for Educational Research Online (JERO), 2(1), 168-192.