Björn HermsteinGabriele BellenbergRita NikolaiMarkus Sauerwein

Governance of Education Infrastructure in the Face of Demographic Volatility

Local Conditions and Developments of Multi-Site Primary Schools


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Primary schools with multiple sites are a frequently occurring structural phenomenon to close gaps in the schooling infrastructure and to ensure schooling close to home. However, there is hardly any research on the local conditions and developments of multi-site primary schools. Using case studies of selected municipalities in North Rhine- Westphalia, the article analyses how local conditions influence the creation of primary schools in partial locations.

governance, demographics, municipality, school authorities, school supervision, primary school development

APA citation
Hermstein, B., Bellenberg, G., Nikolai, R. & Sauerwein M. (2022). Governance von Bildungsinfrastruktur bei demografischer Volatilität: Lokale Bedingungen und Entwicklungen von Grundschulen mit mehreren Standorten. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 114(2), 166-181.