Martin HeinrichGünther WolfswinklerIsabell van AckerenNina BremmLilian Streblow

Multiparadigmatic Teacher Training

Productive Ways out of the Paradigm Dispute?


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The discourse on common goals of teacher training in Germany has been particularly virulent since the “Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung” (Quality Offensive in Teacher Training) and necessarily provoked systematic disputes about the sovereignty of interpretation. The article documents the processes of two university locations (Bielefeld and Duisburg-Essen), which have set out to counter unnecessary implementation hurdles of monoparadigmatic one-sidedness by the program of multiparadigmatic teacher education. We present a heuristic for further theoretical-systematic work on an object-oriented meta-theory formation. Despite the hyper-complexity of the claim of a “coherent theory and practice of multiparadigmatic teacher education,” it is supposed to serve as a regulative idea. Given the risks of monoparadigmatic constrictions and high transaction costs due to unproductive conflicts over interpretive sovereignty, this seems to be without alternative from the perspective of the authors.

paradigm dispute, teacher training, quality offensive in teacher training, teacher professionalization

APA citation
Heinrich, M., Wolfswinkler, G., van Ackeren, I., Bremm, N. & Streblow L. (2019). Multiparadigmatische Lehrerbildung: Produktive Auswege aus dem Paradigmenstreit?. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 111(2), 243-258.