Ulrike Schedding-KleisYvonne Lieber

Transition from Schools of General Education to Vocational Education in the State of Hessen

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The concept of integrated vocational education reporting was created to cover an information gap. Its main purpose is to generate complete and structured information on the transition of school leavers of the general educational system to vocational education. The most important data source for this reporting is the school statistic in Hessen; as a result of the extremely good data availability there are quite a number of evaluations possible for this state. Over half of the students who leave the general school system with a general certificate of secondary education move directly towards a higher educational background that will allow them to take up academic studies. Another big portion of those students manage to take up a vocational training right away. Compared to this students who leave the general educational system with only a certificate of secondary education or without a certificate need considerable more time to end up in vocational training.

integrated vocational education reporting, transition, transition system, vocational training, statistic of the general educational system, individual unit records, unique identifiers

APA citation
Schedding-Kleis, U. & Lieber Y. (2017). Übergänge von der allgemeinbildenden Schule in das Berufsausbildungssystem in Hessen. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 109(4), 368-384. https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART102328