Nadine Göb

Teacher Training as a Step towards Professionalization: How Can Professional Learning Be Promoted?


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Targeting on systematic professional teacher development through teacher training requires evidence on the characteristics of “effective” teacher training. This article describes in a chronological sequence, how teacher training can contribute to teacher professionalism. Therefore, the article is based on established effect models and refers to selected results of national and international research. The article aims to reveal characteristics of teacher training, which promote teacher professional learning in terms of actively dealing with training content. Finally, the findings presented lead to conclusions on teacher training as step towards professionalization.

teacher training, professional development, effect, effectiveness

APA citation
Göb N. (2017). Professionalisierung durch Lehrerfortbildung: Wie wird der Lernprozess der Teilnehmenden unterstützt?. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 109(1), 9-27.