Christine Baur

Feature-related Level of Resources for Schools in Berlin – the Bonus Program to Support Schools in a Challenging Situation


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In February 2014, Berlin launched a bonus program to support schools in socioeconomically deprived situations. The magnitude of financial support depends on the following criteria: the proportion of students who are exempt from a contribution to learning materials (so-called Lmb factor), the proximity to a socially deprived neighborhood, cooperativeness with other educational institutions and a Performance Bonus. Depending on the Lmb proportion of a school, funding can vary from € 50,000 to € 100,000 per year. Thereby the socioeconomic disadvantage is set as the most influential factor regarding the educational disadvantage. Further co-operations between schools and out-of-school partners are encouraged to improve the development of school quality with extracurricular academic activities. To this day already more than 200 Berlin schools receive annual subsidies. The monitoring of this federal state program is scientifically supervised and evaluated. In case of failure, gathered knowledge about efficiency can be used to alter future procedures.

educational opportunities, co-operations, educational network, exemption from contribution to learning materials, quality development, social space