Gisela Steins

Classroom Management at Schools in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Areas with Particular Consideration of the Teacher-Student-Relationship


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This article highlights the teacher-student-relationship in the context of learning in the group and the importance of these aspects for classroom management (CM) at schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. CM from the point of view of the teacher-student-relationship deals with the manner how teachers implement their measures, and with its success in terms of a group. The contribution works out why challenges of CM at schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas are particularly high. It deals with the dysfunctional handling of different interaction codes, dysfunctional sanction practices and low expectations, and lack of support for the teachers. Evidence-based solutions are described which are subsumed under the concept of cultural responsive CM. The conclusion of the contribution particularly accentuates that teachers in schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas are repeatedly challenged. Implications are proposed in relation to the content of teacher education, but also structural solutions.

teacher-student-relationship, learning in the group, classroom management, cultural responsive classroom management