Carl-Christian FeyEva MatthesDominik Neumann

Educational Media for Schools between Government Control and “Free” Self-Regulation


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This article deals with the question which consequences the recently grown offering of free online educational media has for government control mechanisms that regulate educational media for schools. Therefore it appears necessary to claim an empirical perspective which refers on the one hand to the offering structure of those educational media and which addresses on the other hand the perspectives of important actors who influence the use of this offering. After a short outline of the problem we present an overview of the offering structure in the years 2011 until 2013, which was investigated in the context of a research project at the chairs of educational science and of school pedagogics at the University of Augsburg. Subsequently, central results of a teacher survey and especially an interview study with actors from the school supervising authorities are presented and are integrated into the framework of the research question.

free online educational media, state regulation of educational media, government control, teacher survey, school supervising authorities