Ursula BeichtVerena Eberhard

Ergebnisse empirischer Analysen zum Übergangssystem auf Basis der BIBB-Übergangsstudie 2011

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The partially qualifying measures at the transition from school to vocational education and training, often described as the transition system, have frequently been criticised in the past for being detours and dead-ends. However, based on the BIBB-Transition-Study 2011 by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), favourable cases can also be shown in which individuals progress to the next level of education following participation in transition system measures, especially when the particular measure leads to a higher-level school-leaving certificate. Notwithstanding this, not all young people progressing to the transition system benefit from the provisions. A lot of them remain outside vocational education and training for the longer term.

transition system, transition opportunities to vocational education and training, company-based VET, BIBB-Transition-Study 2011