Sven DieterichGünther Gediga

Incentive for a Health Oriented School Development – The School Development Award Gute gesunde Schule in North Rhine-Westphalia


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The aim of the school development award Gute gesunde Schule” [“Good and Healthy School”] is to reward schools for their health oriented organizational development. The procedure and main evaluation results are reported. The results show that the main motivation to participate is the necessity to receive impulses for school development. Furthermore, external feedback, prize money, and public recognition play a significant role for participation. The data also permit to infer a prioritization of quality aspects which may be used as a strategy for health oriented school development.

school award, school development, incentives, healthy school, health promotion

APA citation
Dieterich, S. & Gediga G. (2012). Anreiz für eine gesunde Schulentwicklung – Der Schulentwicklungspreis Gute gesunde Schule in Nordrhein-Westfalen. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 104(2), 185-199.