Elke Kurth-Buchholz

Students’ Participation in Upper Secondary Education – Notions from Students’ Points of View and Conditions of Success

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School should enable pupils to learn independently, to take responsibility for themselves as well as for others and to participate in a democratic society. One step to reach these educational goals is to give the pupils a larger role in shaping the class. Pupils should be involved in decisions about the content and methods in school lessons. The achievements of pupils should be assessed in a dialog between pupils and teacher. These ideas are rather utopian, especially in German upper secondary schools. The following article discusses what is needed from teachers, pupils and the individual schools for a successful codetermination of the pupils. Furthermore, pupils’ ideas for more participation in class are presented. Finally, tasks for teacher education and for the organisation of schools are derived.

students’ participation, students’ ideas, conditions for success of students’ participation, teacher education, organisation of individual schools