Nils BerkemeyerBjörn Hermstein

Why School Development (Research) and Education Leaders Need a Clear Idea of Social Justice


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For too long, school development has focused on the individual school and thus ignored relevant systemic contexts. Conditions, possibilities and forms of school development are largely determined by parameters of institutional development in the multi-level system and are also closely linked to normative questions of democratic coexistence and social justice. Therefore, not only the challenge of school quality development remains virulent, but also the question of how society can place more trust in the school system and what needs to be done so that all actors once again act in the system with desire and courage to take responsibility and keep it alive and capable of development. This article attempts to outline one possible answer by referring to concepts of social justice and elaborating the significance of a more broadly understood school system development for questions of participation and recognition in and through education.

school systems development, school development, social justice, inequality, democracy

APA citation
Berkemeyer, N. & Hermstein B. (2023). Warum Schulentwicklung(sforschung) und Bildungsverantwortliche eine klare Vorstellung von sozialer Gerechtigkeit benötigen. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 115(3), 262-273.