Stefan Silvestrini

Meta Squared - What we can Learn from Meta-evaluations


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On the basis of ten meta-evaluations, the question of the quality and usefulness of evaluations is analysed. By means statistical analyses, we continue to search for factors that influence the quality of evaluations. The results are based on data from 407 evaluations of governmental and non-governmental European Development Cooperation-organisations, which underwent a secondary analysis. Evaluations are generally considered to be highly useful. At the same time, the majority of evaluations show considerable weaknesses, especially with regard to the quality of their methodology and presentation of results. The quality of Terms of Reference and the budget influence the methodological quality of an evaluation. The results of the secondary analysis point to a need for capacity building on the part of commissioning organisations in order to enable them for an appropriate planning and managing of evaluations and the assessment of the validity of their results. Further research is needed to identify predictors of evaluation quality.

Meta-Evaluation, Development Cooperation, Quality of Evaluations, Usability of Evaluations

APA citation
Silvestrini S. (2023). Meta im Quadrat – Was wir aus Meta-Evaluationen lernen können. Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 22(1), 120-146.