Thomas Widmer

How to Conceptualize and Implement Meta-Evaluations


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Which lessons can be learned from meta-evaluations? Meta-evaluations are understood as evaluations of one or more evaluations, with the goal of providing information for the further development of evaluation. This article aims at discussing meta-evaluation experiences to give suggestions for the future design of meta-evaluations. Based on nine cases, the experiences with the conception and realization of meta-evaluations are reviewed. They evaluate between one and 126 primary studies, and they use different evaluation criteria and methods. Finally, the question must also be raised as to what consequences meta-evaluations (can) have. Based on a case comparison, the article discusses challenges for meta-evaluations and formulates suggestions for the design and conduct of future meta-evaluations.

Meta-Evaluation, Evaluation Quality, Evaluation Standards

APA citation
Widmer T. (2023). Hinweise zur Konzeption und Realisierung von Meta-Evaluationen. Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 22(1), 100-119.