Susanne J. CzajaSusanne FarwickFranziska S. ProskawetzIsabell van AckerenEsther Dominique Klein

Strengthening School Improvement and Leadership in Socially Disadvantaged Areas

Approaches from the Research Network “Schule macht stark – SchuMaS”


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The research network “Schule macht stark” supports schools in socio-spatially disadvantaged areas. The topic cluster School Development and Leadership aims to support schools in building capacities for organizational learning, among other things by establishing a resource-oriented school culture and developing the leadership skills of school leaders. The approaches chosen for this as well as the support of school management in networks are presented and placed in the context of school improvement counselling.

research-practice partnership, co-construction, school leadership, school improvement, schools serving disadvantaged areas

APA citation
Czaja, S., Farwick, S., Proskawetz, F., van Ackeren, I. & Klein E. (2022). Schulentwicklung und Führung an sozialräumlich benachteiligten Standorten stärken: Beratungsansätze im Forschungsverbund „Schule macht stark – SchuMaS“. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 114(4), 397-403.