Susanne RessSusanne TimmDorothea TaubeJana Costa

Herstellung von Eindeutigkeit – die Erfassung globaler Kompetenzen durch PISA 2018


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PISA 2018 represents the OECD’s first attempt to compare globalization-specific knowledge internationally. In contrast to previous assessments, the OECD intensifies its efforts to measure value-oriented competences and to ultimately shape international debates on norms and values in the context of global diversity. Engaging state-of-the-art discourses in education sciences, this article critically examines Global Competence as it is constructed through the assessment, showing that it does not adequately respond to the learning challenges in dealing with complexity, uncertainty, and diversity. The article further problematizes the rather narrow focus on intercultural competences emphasized by the reception of PISA results for the German context.

global Competence, PISA, OECD, global Learning, Construction of Difference, teaching Practices, didactical Challenges, intercultural Competence