Jochen PrümperTom SchneebergAlina Marie Prümper

Implementation Objectivity of EVALOG: Does it Make a Difference whether Employers or Colleagues Carry out the Evaluation of Mental Stress in Very Small Companies?


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In small companies, employers can delegate job evaluation (risk assessment) of psychological stress to reliable and competent employees of their own company. This article investigates the extent to which the perceived usability, understandability, and manageability in performing a job evaluation, the emotional response, and the assessment of the psychological stress itself, is infl uenced by the fact whether it is carried out by employers or colleagues (experimenter artifact/Rosenthal effect). As part of a quasi-experimental research design in the fi eld, the study took part in 19 workplace evaluations of 19 small businesses. 46 subjects participated, 19 as evaluators (12 employers and seven colleagues) and 27 as employees. The results show: Employees do not assess the usability and difficulty significantly differently, but they do show more positive emotional reactions when colleagues perform the procedure as evaluators.

Job Evaluation, Psychological Stress, Usability, Rosenthal Effect