Marion HändelSvenja BendenlierMichaela Gläser-ZikudaRudolf KammerlBärbel KoppAlbert Ziegler

Do students have the means to learn during the coronavirus pandemic?

Student demands for distance learning in a suddenly digital landscape


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Across the globe, 2020 terms began under conditions incited by the corona pandemic. Within a relatively short amount of time, universities started to develop and implement online courses for distance learning. The current study is about an online survey at a German university investigating the unique circumstances under which students began the digital 2020 summer term. Of approximate-ly 38 500 students, N = 5563 students from across all institutional faculties took part in the survey. Results indicate how well students are equipped with devices for digital learning, what kind of experiences they have already made with online learning, and how competent they reported feeling regarding digital learning. The study provides important insights into digital higher education during the exceptional pandemic situation. The results are intended to feed into student counselling systems via support by way of access to devices or courses regarding digital skills, or through counselling for students with special social burdens.

higher education, e-learning, digital readiness, COVID-19 pandemic