Sebastian OttmannJoachim KönigClaudia Gander

Impact Models in the Field of Integration Aid


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Due to the introduction of the Bundesteilhabegesetz (BTHG), the effects of services and measures are increasingly discussed in the field of integration aid. This article clarifies the role of impact models in this debate. It reports on a current project in which impact models were developed for the vocational training sector (Berufsbildungsbereich, BBB) and the care of older people with disabilities (Teilstationäre Tagesbetreuung für erwachsene Menschen mit Behinderung nach dem Erwerbsleben, T-ENE). It was also examined whether, and if so, under which conditions, it is possible to generate so-called ‘anchor impact models’, i.e. to describe impact models that have a certain general validity for certain areas of work in integration assistance. Furthermore, the benefits and advantages of the development of impact models are discussed and what contribution they can make to the impact debate in the field of integration support.

Impact Models, Integration Aid, Bundesteilhabegesetz, Impact Orientation