Sabine Walper

Parents and School – Making Better Use of Opportunities for


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The Covid-19 pandemic has once again highlighted the need for development in the cooperation between schools and parents. Although the potential for more intensive cooperation and greater openness to the needs of families on the part of schools has been identified long before, it has not yet been fully exploited. This article presents the related recommendations of the Ninth Family Report (BMFSFJ, 2021). It argues in favor of strengthening school resources for the further development of family-school partnerships, for linking parent education and counseling services to schools, and for expanding interdisciplinary teams that can support cooperation with parents in selected subject areas.

family, family-school partnership, educational opportunities, family education, counseling

APA citation
Walper S. (2021). Eltern und Schule – Chancen der Zusammenarbeit besser nutzen!. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 113(3), 336-347.