Anje OstermannAnke LindmeierHendrik HärtigLorenz KampschulteMathias RopohlJulia Schwanewedel

Using Mathematics-specific Media: What Makes the Difference – Teachers, School-Culture, or Equipment?


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Research on media use in teaching has as yet rarely taken a subject-specific view, despite the fact that specific tools are used in mathematics instruction in particular. The reported teacher survey shows the current mathematics-specific media use in secondary level education in Germany and explains differences by individual and organizational factors within different groups of usage frequency. Furthermore, we discuss implications for promoting media use in mathematics instruction.

mathematics education, media use, teachers, school-culture

APA citation
Ostermann, A., Lindmeier, A., Härtig, H., Kampschulte, L., Ropohl, M. & Schwanewedel J. (2021). Mathematikspezifische Medien nutzen: Was macht den Unterschied – Lehrkraft, Schulkultur oder Technik?. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 113(2), 199-217.