Colin CramerJana Groß OphoffMarcus PietschPierre Tulowitzki

School Principals in Germany

Representative Findings on Attractiveness, Career Motives and Turnover Intentions


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This article reports representative findings regarding the careers of school principals in Germany. Almost a third of teachers already thought about applying for a position as a school principal but decided otherwise, not only because they fear stress and strain, but also because they are content with their current pedagogical work. School principals choose their career first and foremost to widen their creative scope and to gain more responsibility and autonomy. Despite a high level of overall job satisfaction, one fifth of school principals in Germany has a turnover intention. The findings are discussed against the backdrop of the virulent shortage of school principals.

leadership, attractiveness, career motives, turnover intentions

APA citation
Cramer, C., Groß Ophoff, J., Pietsch, M. & Tulowitzki P. (2021). Schulleitung in Deutschland: Repräsentative Befunde zur Attraktivität, zu Karrieremotiven und zu Arbeitsplatzwechselabsichten. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 113(2), 132-148.