Saikat GhoshTobias Rausch

The Relation between Parents’ Child-Rearing Behavior and Their Socioeconomic Status in a Developing Country Context: A Case from West Bengal, India


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This study examines variation in parents’ child-rearing behavior based on their socioeconomic status (SES) in the context of a developing country. The impact of different aspects of SES on the probability of practicing several child-rearing behaviors was examined individually based on a data of 1373 households in West Bengal, India. The study found that components of SES explain great shares of the variance in parents’ child-rearing behaviors and the variation was bi-dimensional. There was variation between parental practices due to a change in SES, and also each practice was affected differently for each component of SES. Mother’s level of education was found to play a consistent and most significant role in improving parent-child regular interaction.

child-rearing behavior, socioeconomic status, mother’s education, developing country