Lydia Kater-WettstädtDésirée Lange

Das Thema Flucht im Unterricht im digitalen Zeitalter – Welche Strategien nutzen Studierende, um „alternatives“ Unterrichtsmaterial zu evaluieren?


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“Alternative” educational material (as material of differing origin, which is freely accessible on the Internet and generally not state-approved) become increasingly important in the digital age, alongside the schoolbook. Teachers use it as an inspiration or complement, especially to address current topics, such as flight and refugees, in class. Organizations such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or foundations are able to prepare topics for educational aims more quickly than, for example, school book publishers. However, the wide range of teaching materials and their assessment is demanding for teachers in terms of their choice and evaluation. This study empirically examines how future teachers evaluate an alternative material on flight – i.e. which strategies the students use to select and evaluate the material. The data is based on group discussions (N=22) in which elementary school students discuss a selected ‘alternative’ material. In the reconstructive analysis with the documentary method two different evaluation strategies were identified, which are discussed with regard to requirements for teacher training.

Keywords: flight, refugees, primary school, teaching material, social and science studies, primary school teachers