Sabine AchourSusanne Wagner

Unequal Access to Political Education: “(S)He That Has Plenty of Goods Shall Have More”

Results of a Nationwide Study on Political and Civic Education at Schools


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Challenges to society posed and shaped by the context of right-wing extremism and a spreading illiberal outlook, increasingly so amongst the younger generations, have prompted a renewed political focus on political and civic education in particular. A recent nationwide study evaluates the effects of both in- and output of these particular educational fields across various types of school and age groups. The study results suggest a notably unequal access across the various school types. This provides a suitable basis for solid recommendations for action.

political education, civic education, social inequalities, political competence

APA citation
Achour, S. & Wagner S. (2020). Ungleicher Zugang zur politischen Bildung: „Wer hat, dem wird gegeben“: Ergebnisse einer bundesweiten Studie zur politischen Bildung und Demokratiebildung an Schulen. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 112(2), 143-158.