Isabell van AckerenManuela EndbergOliver Locker-Grütjen

Compensation of Unequal Educational Opportunities in the Corona Crisis: Closing the Social Education Gap again


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The current corona crisis aggravates existing social inequality with every day without schooling on-site. Here the so-called digital divide also plays a crucial role. Corresponding findings from existing research reinforce the concern about the widening education gap. When schools are gradually reopening, children and young people from less privileged milieus should be given special consideration. From the perspective of educational justice, we believe that education policy can act unconventionally and quickly here, also with the broader involvement of teacher training students.

compensation of unequal educational opportunities, educational justice, digital divide

APA citation
van Ackeren, I., Endberg, M. & Locker-Grütjen O. (2020). Chancenausgleich in der Corona-Krise: Die soziale Bildungsschere wieder schließen. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 112(2), 245-248.