Stefan JörissenNicole Rosenberger

Multi-Perspective Case Evaluation of the Effects of In-House Writing Training


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Writing is a substantial part of everyday working life in many professional fields. Since in most cases the professionals’ writing needs to comply with highly specific expectations, companies and other organizations offer in-house writing training to their staff. However, the impact of such training measures has not yet been thoroughly explored. For this paper, we conducted a multi-perspective case evaluation of a series of in-house writing courses. The research combined, among other methods, written surveys, focus group discussions with writers, text analysis and interviews with typical readers. The results suggest that team-centered training has a positive impact mainly on individual and cooperative writing processes. Moreover, the writing courses were considered to have an impact on the team spirit. However, positive effects on the quality of a specific writer’s text could not be thoroughly identified. In summary, regular writing training seems to improve the writing, but not necessarily the text.

Multidimensional Evaluation, In-house Training, Writing Training, Writing

APA citation
Jörissen, S. & Rosenberger N. (2020). Multiperspektivische Einzelfall-Evaluation zur Wirkung von organisationalen Schreibfortbildungen. Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 19(1), 11-35.