Phillip Dylan Thomas Knobloch

Global Citizenship Education und die Herausforderung epistemischer Dekolonialisierung


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Increasingly, pedagogical and educational theories and concepts have to deal with the reproach of representing Eurocentric perspectives and thereby reproducing colonial thought patterns. This can also be clearly seen in the discussions on Global Citizenship Education, in which demands for epistemic decolonization are raised. Against this background, this contribution attempts to clarify, using the concept of Global Citizenship Education published by the Austrian UNESCO Commission as an example, when and why such concepts should be described as Eurocentric, and how such Eurocentrism can be overcome in the sense of epistemic decolonisation. Decolonial theories from the Latin American context will be used for this purpose. This leads to the concluding thesis that these theories should be understood as a specific form of Global Citizenship Education, which articulates perspectives of the Global South. In order to meet the challenge of epistemic decolonization, it would therefore seem advisable to make greater reference to these theories in the Global North as well.

eurocentrism, colonialism, coloniality, decoloniality

APA citation
Knobloch P. (2019). Global Citizenship Education und die Herausforderung epistemischer Dekolonialisierung. ZEP – Zeitschrift für internationale Bildungsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik, 42(4), 12-18.