Franziska NikolovHanna Dumont

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: School composition, school satisfaction, and anti-social behavior


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Based on a sample of N = 2.913 ninth graders the study investigated whether the student body composition of schools was associated with the development of students’ school satisfaction and students’ anti-social behavior over the course of one school year. We examined the school composition with regard to achievement, student background characteristics, school satisfaction, and anti-social behavior. Controlling for school track and student characteristics results from latent multilevel analyses revealed a positive compositional eff ect of school-average achievement on school satisfaction. We also observed a positive effect of the average school satisfaction on students’ individual school satisfaction. Furthermore, the school-average anti-social behavior also positively predicted students’ anti-social behavior. The findings of the present study extend existing empirical results on compositional eff ects by demonstrating that social-emotional characteristics can be affected by school composition and can function as compositional characteristics themselves.

Anti-social behavior, Compositional effects, Peer contagion, School satisfaction