Steffen GreveClaus Krieger

Utilization-Focused Evaluation of an Inclusive Sports Program

Reflections on Research Methods


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The present article reflects the utilization-focused evaluation of the inclusive team-handball initiative Freiwurf Hamburg (NEvaFrei). The research project follows Patton’s approach of utilization-focused evaluation (2008) and is based on a continuous interaction between evaluating persons and participants of the partner. Selected results of the evaluation will be reported and reflected. For this purpose, the central steps, analysis loops and exchange processes are being described and compared with Patton’s utilization-focused evaluation checklist (2013). Subsequently, the genesis of the cognitive process in relation to a selected subject area, the concept of achievement, is examined in more detail as an example. Finally, a conclusion will be made regarding the potentials and limitations of utilization-focused evaluation in this study.

Utilization-Focused Evaluation, Grounded Theory, Sports Club, Inclusion