Franz KoranyiNina Kolleck

The role of out-of-school organizations in German regionalization programs

A qualitative content analysis of opportunities for participation


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This article explores the role of out-of-school organizations (OSOs) in regionalization programs from an educational governance perspective. Although OSOs are included in processes of regionalization and it can be assumed that they take part in the regional organization of school education, there is still a lack of scientific studies in this area. In particular, a systematic analysis of opportunities available to OSOs for participation in the regional coordination of action is needed. Building on a qualitative content analysis of 104 documents of 21 German regionalization programs, we seek to contribute to closing this research gap by analyzing constellations of different actors and their coordination mechanisms based on the rule structure of regionalization programs. We find that OSOs can actively engage in actor constellations within advisory boards, educational conferences, and networks. However, their participation is mainly based on negotiation mechanisms indicating that they have a relatively high degree of interdependence with the actions of other actors.

Out-of-school organizations; Regionalization; Educational governance; Qualitative content analysis