Thiemo BlohBea Bloh

Teacher collaboration as community of practice – The impact of collective-implicit knowledge on cooperation-based competence development


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Expectations on positive effects of teacher collaboration on teachers’ competence and pupils’ performance are huge, although empirical evidence is hardly reliable. This contribution thematizes the relation of action competence and teacher collaboration by focusing on social-implicit knowledge, which is neglected especially in German research. Based on a theoretical contrast of the concepts of professional learning community and community of practice we illustrate the limitations of the former and the importance of the latter for research on teacher collaboration. The related reconstructive methodological approach is used for reconstruction of community-based orientations as part of teachers’ action competence. The community-dependent way of dealing with problems shows the importance of collective-implicit knowledge for action competence.

Community of practice; Action competence; Teacher collaboration; Documentary method

APA citation
Bloh, T. & Bloh B. (2016). Lehrerkooperation als Community of Practice – Zur Bedeutung kollektiv-impliziter Wissensbestände für eine kooperationsbedingte Kompetenzentwicklung. Journal for Educational Research Online (JERO), 8(3), 207-230.