Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia

Evidence-based actions within the multilevel system of schools – Requirements, processes, and effects (EviS)

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In recent years, research on school improvement in Germany has provided a scientific basis for assessing school and classroom practices and gaining perspectives for improvement. New evaluation instruments have been developed and implemented for output-oriented and evidence-based school governance. The concept of evidence-based governance marks a paradigm shift in the school system in Germany, as actors at the school level are starting to use empirical evidence from evaluations as a basis for professional decisions and actions. However, the present state of research shows that teachers and principals use evidence to a limited extent in everyday practice and in school and classroom improvement processes. The interdisciplinary research project Evidence-based actions within the multilevel system of schools (EviS) investigated requirements, processes, and effects of evidence-based school and classroom improvement in Germany.

Evidence-based action; Data-based school improvement; New governance model; Data use; EviS