Gunther GraßhoffChristin HaudeTill-Sebastian IdelCarolin BebekAnna Schütz

At the School’s Borders

Approaches to Learning and Teaching in All-day Schools Far Away from the Classroom


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Extra-curricular activities in the afternoon play a central role in the development of all-day schools. In the debate on all-day education, questions on the extent to which these arrangements enable learning beyond the classroom are discussed. Relevant findings from standardized all-day school research are available. An ethnographic approach can contribute to research as well as to the theoretical debate through its inner view of the afternoon program.

all-day schools, extracurricular activities, (de-)professionalization in all-day schools, ethnography in schools

APA citation
Bebek, C., Graßhoff, G., Haude, C., Idel, T. & Schütz, A. (2019). Die Eigenlogik des Nachmittags: Explorative Beobachtungen aus Ethnografien zu außerunterrichtlichen Angeboten. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 111 (2), 205-218. doi:10.31244/dds.2019.02.07