Bettina FritzscheStephanie SchulerGerald Wittmann

In-service Teacher Training in Primary School Math Education – Multipliers’ Professional Identity


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In this paper the professional identity of multipliers for mathematics education in primary schools in the South-West of Germany is explored. Multipliers can be regarded as one pillar of the in-service teacher training system. Multipliers are primarily teachers and additionally plan and perform teacher trainings. The paper analyzes how multipliers describe their function and how they perceive themselves as part of this professional group. The study is based on 15 semi-structured interviews which have been analyzed with the documentary method. Structural conditions of the courses are described as well as the multipliers’ professional identity which is sketched out in four case portraits. Finally we will discuss consequences for in-service teacher trainings.

professional identity, multipliers, in-service teacher training, mathematics education, primary school

APA citation
Fritzsche, B., Schuler, S. & Wittmann G. (2019). Das berufliche Selbstverständnis von Multiplikator*innen für den Mathematikunterricht an Grundschulen. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 111(2), 170-186.