Ricarda SteinmayrBirgit Spinath

Intelligence as a potential moderator in the internal/external frame of reference model

An exploratory analysis

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According to the internal/external frame of reference model (I/E model; Marsh, 1986), achievement influences the ability self-concept via internal (dimensional) and external (social) comparison processes. Person characteristics have rarely been investigated with regard to their potential moderating influence on the processes postulated in the I/E model. The present study investigated intelligence as a potential moderator in the I/E model. Grades in German and math as well as the corresponding domain-specific ability self-concepts (SESSKO; Schöne, Dickhäuser, Spinath, & Stiensmeier-Pelster, 2002) were assessed in a sample of N = 342 11th and 12th graders with a mean age of M = 16.94 (SD = .71). The processes proposed by the I/E model were replicated by means of structural equation modeling. Multi-group analyses showed that intelligence, as hypothesized, functioned as a potential moderator with regard to the dimensional comparison processes. The results give valuable insights into possible reasons and prerequisites of dimensional comparison processes in the development of ability self-concepts.

I/E model; Ability self-concept; Intelligence; Moderator analysis