Kathrin FussangelVanessa Dizinger

The challenge of change? The development of all-day schools and its implications for teacher stress

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The present contribution deals with teacher stress in the context of organizational change: the development of all-day schools. This development is one of the most important reforms in the German school system in recent years and is closely linked to the overall aim to better foster students. In the context of change from a half-day to an all-day school, teachers need to adapt their work according to the new requirements and tasks. Based on a theoretical model of stress and strain in schools, we examine teachers’ perceived stress and take the all-day school as predictor into account. The results of a structural equation model show that mainly personal factors like self-efficacy and cooperation show significant paths to teachers’ perceived stress. Beyond, facets of working hours are significant predictors.

Teacher stress; All-day school; Organizational change