Cordula ArteltSabine WeinertClaus H. Carstensen

Assessing competencies across the lifespan within the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) – Editorial


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The eight articles of this Special Issue describe the assessment of competencies within the German National Education Panel Study (NEPS) for major educational-stage-comprehensive assessment domains of the NEPS. The Editorial outlines the overall framework for the selection and conceptualization of the assessment of competencies against the background of existing models and approaches in national and international large-scale assessments and panel studies. The functional-integrative perspective on competencies is introduced and briefly described with reference to the competence domains integrated into the NEPS assessments. Moreover, the assessment design implemented within the first five years is presented to illustrate the scientific potential of this unique pattern of competence assessments within the NEPS.

Models of competencies; NEPS framework; Literacy; Large-scale assessment