Josef KünstingMelanie Billich-KnappFrank Lipowsky

Profiles of strain coping at the beginning of a teacher education program at the university


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First, based on a sample of N = 538 freshman students of the teacher education program at the university, it is examined whether the four profiles of job-related behavior und experience according to Schaarschmidt can be replicated using latent profile analyses. Second, we test for differences between the profiles with respect to motivation for choosing a teacher education program, learning goal orientation, strategy use, personality traits, study satisfaction, grades of main subjects students chose (as an approximation of content knowledge), and grades of the pedagogical part of the teacher program (as an approximation of pedagogical knowledge). As a result, we could replicate the typology already at the beginning of the teacher program. Additionally, we amplified the meaning of this typology. For example, teacher students of the resilient health type, and those of the highly engaged but also burdened “type A” showed higher intrinsic motivation, learning goal orientation, strategy use, conscientiousness, and better grades in the pedagogical subject two years later, compared to students of the low engaged and rather resilient “type S” and the emotionally exhausted “type B”.

AVEM; Patterns of work-related experience and behavior; Teacher education program; Latent profile analysis; Motivation for choosing teacher education program and personality traits; Grades

APA citation
Künsting, J., Billich-Knapp, M. & Lipowsky F. (2012). Profile der Anforderungsbewältigung zu Beginn des Lehramtsstudiums. Journal for Educational Research Online (JERO), 4(2), 84-119.