Bea HarazdStefanie van Ophuysen

Transformational leadership in schools

The use of the “Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire” (MLQ 5 x Short)


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Due to the increasing design autonomy at schools, a style of leadership supporting organizational change is becoming more important. The transformational style of leadership has proved to be a predictor for various indicators of successful personnel management (e.g. satisfaction, commitment). And because of that, it is of great importance in the school context. Therefore, the style of leadership of 124 principals, based on an online survey among approx. 2,400 teachers, was examined by means of an abbreviated version of the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire which we had adapted to the school context. The psychometric quality of the questionnaires, the factorial structure as well as connections between style of leadership and teachers’ success indicators were examined. The factor structure could not conclusively be replicated. But connections with success factors according to expectations could be achieved. The results are discussed with focus on the qualification of principals.

School leadership; Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire; Transformational leadership