Kersten Reich

The “Helios School – Inclusive University School of Cologne”


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The “Heliosschool – Inclusive University School of Cologne” was established in 2015. This public school provides classes 1 to 13 for about 1,100 students. The school intends to be a contemporary model of democratic school in the way to inclusion, based on principles of participation and diversity, under the complex life conditions of today. The text contains three components: First, I will reconstruct some elements and principles that are fundamental for the foundation of this school. Second, I will give a comprehensive account of the inclusive concept of the Cologne school and the ways it works out in practice. I will elaborate on the pedagogical program of the school formulated in ten components of inclusive learning and teaching. Finally, I will discuss some main obstacles that we have encountered and had to overcome in establishing the school in Cologne.

school development, inclusion, didactics, learning environment, independent-learning techniques, team school, rhythmitized all-day schooling, projects, workshops