Lena M. ZimmerTill SeippUwe Schmidt

The Effect of School Factors on Teachers’ Use of Evidence-
Based Knowledge

A Multi-Level Analysis of Factors Infl uencing the Use of School Inspection Results in Teachers’ Work

Shortlink: https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART102534

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This article is concerned with the general question about the effect of the school (management) level on teachers' uses of evidence-based knowledge with the help of an in-depth analysis of the use of school inspection results. The analysis is based on data from a total of 229 school principals and 1,225 teachers from 111 schools in Rhineland-Palatinate. A three-stage research design provided the following findings: 1) the extent of reception and use of sources of evidences deviate most for school inspections, 2) the school (management) level influences the extent of the use of sources of evidences by teachers especially in such highly formalised sources like school inspections, and 3) finally, multi-level analyses show that leadership styles and school management attitudes toward and dealing with the school inspection results can be identified as concrete predictors for the use of school inspection results by teachers on the school (management) level.

External Evaluation, School Inspection, Development of School and Teaching, Multi-Level Analysis