Thomas Hoffmann

Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals – Geschichten des Wandels


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The teaching guideline “Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals” was developed by the ESD Expert Net India, Mexico, South Africa and Germany in 2017. The concept follows the idea to combine the bottom up approach of what multipliers of ESD need in their daily work, with the top down approach of what UN-bodies agreed upon ESD issues, concepts and programmes. The core element of the guideline consists of seventeen chapters along the SDGs. Each of these chapters informs about one SDG, why this was articulated by the General Assembly of the United Nations and the related targets. The teaching guideline is based on the conviction that positive narratives of change do develop a specific motivation by proofing that the goals can be reached. Therefore each of the SDG chapters is concentrated around one of these stories of change. From each of the four member countries four different stories are told, while goal 17, the global partnership, documents the ESD Expert network itself. Concrete amendments on leading questions, learning goals, competencies and ideas to teach support the teaching of the SDGs in the daily education of the four countries.

Education for sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, ESD competencies