Gisela Wohlfahrt

Global Citizenship Education (GCED) in Myanmar. Am Beispiel eines Projekts der internationalen Bildungszusammenarbeit


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The present article addresses the question in how far teaching materials shaped by Eurocentric perspectives are applicable for political education in extra-European regions whilst taking into account critical postcolonial perspectives. Object of the analysis are specific teaching materials provided by international development agencies in Myanmar. In this article, the deficits and potential of the materials as well as their reception and the role of the teacher are discussed in the context of critical postcolonial theory. The selected chapters pertain to the conveying of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, contractualism as it originated during the European Enlightenment, and civic participation as put into practise in European/US-American democracies. Although the material reproduces postcolonial power relations to some extent, it should not per se be classified as inappropriate. The decisive factors for a responsible political education in accord with the GCED, which supplies opportunities for action on the local, regional, and global level, are illustrated.

postcolonial theory, civic education, global citizenship education