Christoph Emanuel Müller

The German Contribution to the Peer-Reviewed Evaluation Literature in the 21st Century


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Publishing peer-reviewed articles in refereed journals is an important way of disseminating scientific knowledge, which is also true for the area of evaluation research. Because of the high relevance of peer-reviewed publications, the scientific performance of researchers, institutions, and even whole countries is oftentimes assessed on basis of their output in refereed journals. Unfortunately, there is no detailed description of the German contribution to refereed journals in the area of evaluation research so far. Thus, this study is concerned with describing and quantifying the contribution to refereed evaluation journals in the first fifteen years of the 21st century made by researchers affiliated with institutions in Germany. The German contribution in 16 journals is analysed with regard to the distribution across journals, institutional origins, international and institutional cooperation, as well as domains and topics of the articles.

Evaluation Research, Publications, Evaluation Journals, Scientific Journals