Philipp Mayring

Quality Standards for Qualitative Evaluation Research


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Looking for quality criteria or standards for qualitative evaluation the paper defines evaluation as evaluation research, and therefore qualitative evaluation has to meet standards for good empirical research. The differentiation between qualitative and quantitative evaluation seems to be difficult and less useful, so we have to look at general research criteria instead of developing specific qualitative standards. Those standards are discussed at different levels: standards oriented at the steps of scientific analysis (research question – theoretical basis – design/methods – results – discussion/consequences); general standards like objectivity, reliability, validity; standards for evaluation (DeGEval-standards, standards for qualitative evaluation designs); standards for specific methods. The paper argues for a broad reference to quality criteria in qualitative evaluation.

Quality Criteria, Qualitative Research, Evaluation, Mixed Methods, Standards

APA citation
Mayring P. (2018). Gütekriterien qualitativer Evaluationsforschung. Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 17(1), 11-24.