Marco RieckmannVerena Holz

Verankerung von Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung in der Lehrerbildung in Deutschland


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Teacher education is a key prerequisite for the promotion of education for sustainable development (ESD) at school. Whether school-based education processes and the schools themselves are designed as sustainable educational institutions, depends largely on the knowledge, competencies, attitudes and values of the teachers, but also on the interaction with institutional frameworks and curricular structures. However, looking in detail at the state of teacher education for sustainable development in Germany as well as the Länder-specific curricula and regulations, it becomes clear that the field is still very much characterised by courses and projects in individual disciplines. To date, there are hardly any structural changes in teacher education and training, and there is a need for development in the school structures and curricular requirements in order to promote the ESD concept. Therefore, in the coming years in the context of the World Action Programme on ESD, a stronger and faster integration of ESD into the structures of teacher education and the fostering of ESD practice should be given more importance.

Education for Sustainable Development, Teacher Education, Germany

APA citation
Rieckmann, M. & Holz V. (2017). Verankerung von Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung in der Lehrerbildung in Deutschland. ZEP – Zeitschrift für internationale Bildungsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik, 40(3), 4-10.